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Our recent corporate gifting order had LIABOX connect with Palkin and her lovely products at Bambooyst. Featuring their popular selling 'Travel Tumblr' we wanted to share a bit more about this inspiring small business for our Brand Spotlight!

With a start up story not far from our own, Bambooyst was launched by Palkin in 2020 during Covid19, who found herself deep in curiosity from current events, and searching for ways she could help make a difference as an individual in the world. After coming across a local 2018 article that highlighted the serious plastic pollution problem within Thailand (source  Palkin realised there were very few sustainable alternatives to single use products, and the ones that did exist were not very pocket-friendly. This inspired her desire to take action and create Bambooyst - offering affordable yet stylish, sustainable & eco-friendly products made from Bamboo, that allow everyone to be able to do their part. 

Not only is Palkin’s passion and encouragement for individual sustainable changes (however small) admirable, but we love how open and relatable she has been with her own personal zero-waste journey, having admitted that she had not been the most conscious in her sustainability efforts throughout daily life in the past. 

“A healthier and more sustainable lifestyle starts with a single change.” - Bambooyst

On a mission to help reduce single use & plastic pollution through stylish & functional products, Bambooyst currently carry 10 of their very own products from drinkware to lunch boxes, as well as their Ecoyst Marketplace platform - a market space to help unite mindful consumers with various conscious brands that share a similar mission.

We also praise Palkin's efforts & courage to raise awareness through starting a business, and how her journey can inspire others considering or on a similar path. Something we value a lot when choosing the brands we partner with at LIABOX, are the passionate individuals behind these small business that share the same values of community and awareness, and work tirelessly to produce quality products. This is why it matters to us that when you send gifts with LIABOX, every box sent support multiple local artisans and small business owner's dreams, that gives back in a number of ways. 

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