Brand Spotlight // 20 Questions with Elodie of 'Melody From Paris'

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Elodie is the founder and creator of Melody From Paris, a Bangkok based business that creates handmade products for babies and children. Products range from exciting teepees, personalised embroidered pillows to newborn sensory stimulating soft toys & accessories. The bright colours and graphic patterns help to stimulate the eyes, different fabrics for a variety of touch senses, or bells and ribbons for further sensory exploration. LIABOX connected with Elodie and her bubbly personality straight away, and we are excited to have her as our first brand spotlight on our LB journal!

  1. How long have you been living in Thailand? We arrived 6 years ago now, time flies, it's crazy.

  2. What brought you to Thailand? We really wanted to live abroad, we like very much to discover new landscapes, new people, new cultures. I think It's a wonderful posibility to open your mind and discover new horizons.

  3. What is your favorite thing about living in Bangkok? I like to feel safe, for me and my girls. I like that people are (almost) always nice and happy.

  4. Can you speak any Thai? Nit noy.

  5. What is your favourite Thai dish? It's more an thai/muslim dish, the massaman curry, I love it. Best comfort food.

  6. How do you like to spend your days off from work? I don't have too much days off, even when i'm off i'm thinking of new creations, nice shooting... I like to visit some places who can bring me creativity and go in the green.

  7. When you are out of the country, what do you miss the most about Thailand? The kindness of people (especially towards children).

  8. When did you start selling products for Melody From Paris and what made you decide to start a business? I started few years ago. I started creating stuff for my daughter and see her and others little kids reactions around her pushed me to continue.

  9. What does Melody From Paris mean? Almost nobody can handle to say my real name (yet so close). So around 10 years ago when I started to travel I told people "ok just call me Melody, it's easier". The "From Paris" part is because obviously (by accent and bad english) I'm French and a Parisian.

  10. What is an interesting fact about your business that people may not know? I put a lot of care and love doing each creation. Each creation is unique and i create each order one by one, so i think about the child, how he/she will react, how he/she will enjoy, what the name of the baby is to come... It brings me a lot of happiness when parents send me pics of there child with my creations.

  11. We presume your family and children are a big inspiration to your creations. What are their favourite products of yours?  Indeed my girls are my first inspiration. They are little bit spoilt because I create first to see their reaction and create a full universe for them. They love of course their teepee where they spend a lot time reading, hiding, playing, drawing and even sometime sleeping inside. They like a lot their bed because I create curtains and it's a bit the same spirit of hiding to read a book during the night time. Recently I created a theater and it was a big hit in the apartment, we have to leave it in their door to play all the time. And my oldest like my fairy and little love the soft rabbit. I'm over the moon when I see them enjoying my creations.

  12. Which is your best selling product? The teepee is a big hit and I'm very happy a creation like that stay almost forever in a family.

  13. What is your favorite holiday of the year and why? I love songkran and loy kratong because these are wonderful celabrations full of joy and hapiness. I love birthdays of my girls because I try to create special and unique moment but to be truly honest I'm a huuuuge fan of chirstmas, I looove all the spirit it brings.

  14. What 3 words would you use to describe Melody From Paris? Creativity . Happiness . Family

  15. What advice would you give to someone looking to pursue a business similar to yours? Be confident in your product! 

  16. Do you have an inspirational or feel good book, movie or quote to share with our readers? I love a lot of children book because they are very inspirational, with a lot of good feeling for children, share, open to multi culture, tolerance... I love very much all the books collection of : "Little people, big dream" also : the illustrations of Anna Llenas and some classic as : The tiger who came to tea and lot of vintage comic books.

  17. Which is your favourite LIABOX gift box and why? I love all of them because they are unique but of course more the ones for children with my creations!

  18. Do you prefer giving gifts or receiving gifts? Both, it's 2 different ways to be happy.

  19. What does the future hold for Melody From Paris? I hope a lot of new adventures!

  20. Where can readers find or buy your creations? Of course some small items at LIABOX, and I have a Facebook Page, Instagram Page @melodyfromparis and website in progress. 

Thank you to Elodie for taking part in our LIABOX Brand Spotlight this month. You can shop Elodie's Sensory Elephant Toy Here to Create A LIABOX yourself, or find her Teething Ring creations in our Baby Boy and Baby Girl Pre Made Boxes Here. 

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