Brand Spotlight: 5 Facts About Darachips

When LIABOX came across Darachips and their products, we were immediately intrigued. Not only by their bold colours and online presence, but by the purpose of what their brand stands for and aims to achieve. Darachips falls exactly under the type of small business we love highlighting and working with, and we’ve included 5 facts below to help you understand why, and learn more about this awesome business and cause!


Darachips was founded by Nat - an aspiring social entrepreneur looking for creative and sustainable ways to solve the world’s toughest problem, social inequality. Growing up, Nat was exposed to a range of non-profit projects with orphanages, schools, refugee assistance, and more. 

Although these projects are great, she believed that the projects are only solving the symptoms of the problem and that to create a larger impact, the root cause needed to be solved. Nat established that the greatest challenge is to generate recurring donations as opposed to one-offs.

In order to continue to provide sufficient funding for the projects, she decided to leverage her skills acquired from the Food industry to establish a social enterprise focused on Food.

And this is how Darachips, a socially-friendly snack brand, was born.

With the aim to provide healthier alternatives to regular snacks whilst still tasting just as good, Darachips commits to: No MSG, No preservatives, Low fat content, High in fibre, and Vegetarian friendly. Using Pumpkin & Bananas provides high fibre and nutrients compared to potato chips, and through the process of vacuum frying, resulting in lower oil content, higher nutrients preserved and a healthier oil. 

Through their social projects, Darachips help families in need and provide opportunities for the less fortunate. 10% of sales immediately goes towards funding their current projects and creating an impact on local communities - so when snacking on Darachips not only do you feel good about what your putting into your body, but you will also feel proud about contributing to society. 

Learn More about Darachips Current & Future Projects here 

Some people are unable to land themselves a job that provides enough for themselves and families. Darachips provides an opportunity to these people by employing them across multiple functions such as logistics, warehouse operations, production, and more. Not only that, but they will earn more than they can anywhere else. They also commit to uplifting Thailands farming communities. All ingredients are all locally produced with the blood, sweat, and tears of local Thai farmers. Their future goal is to bypass the middleman so that these farmers get a fairer share for their hard work. 

Since the revenue of their first product line goes into funding the Drug Rehabilitation Program that focuses on giving people a second chance, the key theme of the packaging design is a new ‘Stepping Stone’. 

In the middle is a seedling and a sunrise, which symbolises new beginnings. Decorated around the package is also the poppy opium, which makes up a significant portion of the drugs that are dealt in the north, where the Rehab Program will focus on. 

LIABOX is proud to carry products from a brand that supports & highlights such important projects.
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