Brand Spotlight: Wild Nature Artisan

Inspired by people they've met, moments they’ve had, and good things experienced in life, Chiang Mai based business Wild Nature Artisan offer stunning artisanal products such as Artisan Jams, Chutneys and Organic Herb Salts, that are produced and grown in harmony between nature and culture appreciation.

"A slow, organic life and commitment to sustainability is deep rooted in everyday life at Wild Nature, and our values towards prioritising natural agriculture and organic produce."

Chiang Mai is a thriving epicenter for those committed to excellence in food and harmonious living with the natural world. We love that Wild Nature Artisan collaborate with and highlight local artists for their beautiful packaging, and other creatives talents like chefs and mixologists for limited edition products. 

Certainly a brand to know, read on to discover more about Wild Nature Artisan

When your customers think of your brand Wild Nature Artisan, what would you like them to think?
Local, Organic, and Artisan!

WNA is a family owned business. Which family members are involved and do they have specific roles? 
Khun Tubtim is a co-founder and my sister - recognised as a green thumb of our farm.  

How has working with family members had an impact on your relationship? 
To develop the farm along with the brand, we discuss about many big and little things among family members. Unavoidably, it reaches us to arguments sometimes but with our passion and common goal we have, those arguments and problems make us grow stronger and together. So, I would say working with family members is the way we tighten our relationship.

Have you always worked in the farming industry? If not, what inspired you to change careers? 
The significant but simple inspiration that changed my career path was wanting 'to be happy' in daily life with what I do every day. 

For those that may not know, what defines ‘organic farming’ and why is it encouraged over conventional farming? 
Organic farming is a big long-term step to the better world. 

Thailand is lucky to be home to an abundance of delicious, seasonal fruits. Do you have a personal favourite season or fruit? 
Personally, my favourite fruit is Orange.  

We understand that much of your inspiration towards your branding, products and packaging comes from your travels. Is there a country (excluding Thailand) that stands out to you the most in your mind, or has a special place in your heart? 
European countries will always have a place in my heart 

We featured WNA in our 'Products That Give Back' blog post, which mentioned your contribution and close work with local organisations towards the protection of birds and avians in the ecosystem. Was this a personal interest or how did WNA choose to support this cause? 
'Give Back' in this context also means what nature or animal gives back to us when we care about the Earth, our home planet. We truly believe that the more we give the more nature will give back to us. Therefore, bird conservation and related contributions are the way we support each other as 'one' because any other beings definitely are not supposed to live in danger and polluted environment.

On the occasion you are not working, what would we find you doing? (For example, cafe hopping / discovering local food spots, relaxing at the beach, spending time at home to focus on self care, hiking in the mountains etc). 
Even in my free time, gardening is still what I like to do as well as flower casing. Sometimes I spend my free time with researching and experimenting to develop products. 

Your brand and products are known to be 'edible memoirs of Chiang Mai'. What 3 words would you choose to describe Chiang Mai as a city? 
Deep Rooted Culture, Pure Nature, Slow Life

What is the end-goal or dream for WNA? 
To represent the real value of simplicity 

Other than through your website and our gift boxes at LIABOX, where can people find your products? Do you have a store in Chiang Mai
YES! We do, our store was officially opened recently. You can see the information here:

Opening hours 9.00-17.00 (closed every Sunday)
Wild Nature Artisan (

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