Corporate Holiday Gifting 2021: Lets Get Organised!

Did you know, we do Corporate Gifting for your business?

With the Christmas Holidays and New Year fast approaching, customer service doesn’t (and shouldn't) just stop once a business transaction has taken place. Here’s your crucial chance to touch base with those important to you in the workplace from your hardworking employees, to your valued customers that contribute to the success of your business. 

Not only are our gifts great to look at, they are filled with products that they'll actually use and keep, support small local businesses and give back to our community! We work with you to help achieve your objective - whether it’s to strengthen client relationships, appreciate new or loyal customers, secure repeat business, or boost employee morale. This isn’t just about ‘buying’ business sales, we mean making an authentic, conscious and professional effort to reach out and connect to your clients, to make those relationships a little more meaningful. 

Show your gratitude this year, and we promise it’ll be just as rewarding for you as it is for them!

We've put together a few tips to help you get organised for your Corporate Gifting this Christmas 2021:

The Earlier The Better: The retail industry in general gets chaotic leading up to the holidays, so getting organised in advance means taking advantage of time - time for selecting the right products and design, custom details that make your gift a meaningful gesture that accurately reflects your intended message and brand values.
Our custom gifting orders require minimum 2 weeks (depending on quantity) for consulting to production, to delivery. 

Avoid Low Stock Issues: We work our hardest to make sure we are on top of inventory stock, especially for products that are best sellers, however sometimes things can be out of our control if left too close to your deadline. Be sure to secure your favourite products in good time before someone else does! 

We’ve Got You: Let us take care of your corporate gifting needs from start to finish, and help your gifting vision become a reality. From curation inspiration, sourcing products to delivery, we’re here to help remove the stress and do things efficiently, so you can focus on what’s most important - your job! 

Learn more about what custom options we have available, and get started today by Requesting A Corporate Catalogue Below 

Imagine the stress of holiday gifting being ticked off your list early this year, and having your beautiful, thoughtful (and affordable) holiday gifts ready to go at your say! 

Thinking about corporate gifts for your business? You're in good company! We are proud to have gifted for:

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