Introducing Corporate Gifting with LIABOX

Introducing LIABOX Corporate Gifting for your business. 

It has been tried, tested and proven that the gesture of corporate gifting not only improves relationships between customer and clients (and employees) but a high percentage contributes to referrals or generation of a sale / lead. 

Sending gifts in the workplace is more than just a load of pens, notepads and USB sticks with your brand logo. A thoughtful, meaningful and presentable package catered to the recipient in mind, goes a long way and is essential to producing the desired response and call to action from the receiver. 

We work with you to help your brand stand out, by creating unique gifts that people will keep, share, and talk about. 

By choosing LIABOX, your gifts go above and beyond by supporting multiple small local businesses, led by owners with passion and a story behind their creations over mass produced stationary items.

Let us help you showcase your company values and branding for special milestones, holidays, conferences, sales initiatives or any other important event. We're happily here to help do the work, and we’d love to be a part of these moments with you and your company! Ensuring a reliable and joyful gifting experience from start to finish, gift confidently with LIABOX. 

Get started by requesting a corporate catalog below, and we'll be in touch within 24 hours.

And if that wasn't enough to convince you how impactful corporate gifting can be, we've included some benefits below about how this simple gesture goes a long way in the corporate world.

Benefits of Corporate Gifting

  1. Increase Chances of Sales // Sending corporate gifts to new prospects ensures that you stay in the front of their mind. It provides an insight into understanding your brand and values better, as well as what products & services you offer if you choose to include any informative brochures or marketing materials. 
  2. Encourages Strong Customer Partnerships // It’s not new news to make sure existing, loyal clients are being looked after. Reminding them you value their business is important, and it can also send a reminder about what you offer to trigger new business transactions. When customers feel valued, they view your brand in a positive light and speak well of your brand & services/product to their connections, potentially driving more opportunities for business.
  3. Improves Employee Relationships // Businesses wouldn’t be where they are without the team involved, and taking care of employees should be a priority. Sending a personalised gift helps them feel appreciated, and recognising their efforts and contribution to the businesses success can result in deeper company loyalty and driven performance. 
  4. Spreads Positivity // Law of attraction states that positive attracts positive, which is why doing good and giving to others brings positivity to your business, brand image, work relationships and company atmosphere. 
  5. Long Distance // If you are unable to be there in person for an important event or milestone with customers & employees, finding the right meaningful gift online is a thoughtful option to show your commitment to these important relationships. 

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