6 Easy Ways To Support Small Local Businesses

At LIABOX, we pride ourselves on supporting deserving small businesses where possible, and helping bring awareness to great local brands, led by owners with passion and a story behind their creations. 

When searching for products to fill our gift boxes, it’s important to us that the brands we work with share similar values and goals to ourself and each other. Purposeful products in eye catching packaging, care for our community and sustainable living where possible. For those that love to shop small and support local, many businesses wouldn’t be around without your contribution online and offline, especially during these difficult times throughout the pandemic.

Communities that have many small businesses are usually better able to meet the needs of their residents. Products and services are designed with locals in mind and they often promote the culture of the region. Small businesses also tend to offer a more personalised and high quality service. 

Whether you’re shopping online, or getting a haircut at a local salon, your support makes a difference. Your hard earned money not only goes towards supporting a small business owners dreams, but also contributes to keeping the community moving.



Here are 6 easy ways to support some of your favourite small businesses:

  1. Tell friends and family them // Word of mouth referrals still have a huge influence on peoples’ decisions. Chances are, those in your circle will love it just as much as you do, and be grateful for the recommendation. 
  2. Follow them on social media // Businesses are usually always sharing their latest products/services, promotions & discounts, and maybe even some behind the scenes. Engaging with their content using likes, comments and sharing, helps them gauge interest and provides useful feedback, so they can learn and grow to better understand their customers needs. 
  3. Post about their product // Next time you shop local from somewhere you love, or somewhere new, post about it! Many of us are online nowadays and even turn to social media to search for reviews, pictures and content from other customers. Your contribution could go a long way and even help that business towards a new purchase or loyal customer. 
  4. Write A Review // Chances are you’ve read reviews when deciding to buy a product or try a new place to eat, and having validation from photos or descriptions from other customers are likely to help contribute to your decision making. Get in touch with a few small businesses you love, and ask where is best to write a positive review for them. If leaving a negative review, consider contacting the business privately first to let the owner know your feedback, as it will still be constructive and let them know what needs to be worked on. 
  5. Subscribe to their Emails // Subscribing to emails lets them know you love what they do, and also means you’re likely to be receiving useful content that interests you. You may even be getting exclusive discounts, early access or inside info about the business which is a win win for both of you!
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  6. Buy From Them // Last but not least and the most obvious of them all, nothing will support a small business more than choosing to buy from them over large retailers. 

Is there a small business you love and think their products would look great in our LIABOX’s? Let us know! 

Support multiple small businesses today by sending a LIABOX to someone special!


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