Organic Cotton Bunny Comforter (Grey)


Organic Cotton Bunny Comforter (Grey)

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Our Baby's Best Friend Bunny is made if 100% organic cotton muslin. Ears to chew and grab knots to practice motor skills, chew and suck. Breathable and light fabric
No swallowable small parts.

Mama pro tip: wash it gently, carry it under your shirt for about half a day (or even a whole day), and give it to your baby. The bunny absorbs your smell and will comfort your little precious baby any time you can't be 100% around.

About MamaOla
MamaOla is a Bangkok based, Mama founded business with a passion for sustainability and encouraging a more green mindset. Using only the highest quality, organic materials, you can have peace of mind that these products are 100% natural and 100% baby safe.