Kashmiri Coasters (Set of 6) - Circle

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Kashmiri Coasters (Set of 6) - Circle

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Kashmiri papier-mâché is a handicraft of Kashmir that was brought by Muslim saint Mir Sayyid Ali Hamadani from Persia in the 14th century to medieval India. It is based primarily on paper pulp, and is a richly decorated, colourful artifact.

This art form is protected under the Geographic Indication Act 1999 of Government of India. The products which are given the Geographical Indication tag in India are regarded as the invaluable treasures of incredible India.

Each coaster set is ethically procured directly from the artisans in the state of Kashmir. 

Please note each set is handmade and hand painted. Slight variation in color and pattern is not considered a defect but it is the uniqueness of the product and the artform.