Work From Home (WFH) Essentials & Tips

With the nations capital in and out of lockdown & restrictions, and many new small businesses being born out of Covid19, we asked our social media followers for their WFH tips to help you at home.

See the answers below for some reminders or inspiration, and keep scrolling to see our favourite LIABOX WFH essential products, that make for great gifts!

  • Designate a specific ‘work area’
  • Set reminders to take regular breaks - whether it’s walking, stretching, getting up to make a drink or meal, running errands
    "It's ok to have breaks. Don't feel like you need to always be working or productive. Stay aware of your mental health too. It's been a tough time."
  • Stay hydrated
    "Drink lots of fluids, then it forces you to get up, stretch & use the toilet" 
  • Get dressed, showered, make up (set a routine)
    "Do your make up! Look good, feel good, ready to go"
    "Always make your bed as soon as you wake up. You'll feel good because you've completed the first task of the day" 
  • Limit distractions
    "Set your phone aside and limit certain times for social media browsing. We can all easily get distracted scrolling on there"
  • Communicate with your work circle
    "Stay in touch with your colleagues" 
  • Plan your day. Set a daily routine, schedule, and small goals
    "Take it day by day"
  • Put on some background music to set the tone
    "I love working with relaxing jazz music on because I feel like I'm in a cafe" 
    "Discover random cafe playlists. I work better with music I don't know the words too, otherwise I get distracted"

LIABOX WFH Essentials

Daily PlannerSeen in Create A LIABOX
Help them start their day with the right mindset, and a daily planner helps do just that by allowing you to prioritise tasks, write affirmations, small health reminders and more. 

A6 NotebookSeen in 'For Her' and 'The Gentleman'
Anyone else love getting brand new notebooks? You can never have enough.

Zip Pouch Bag (Lemon)Seen in Create A LIABOX
Keep stationary, receipts or accessories organised in this fun, bright lemon zip pouch - sure brighten up their work space. 

Face MaskSeen in Create A LIABOX
Whether they're picking up their food panda order or heading out for a stroll, add a daily pop of colour with this selection of vibrant prints. 

Hand SanitizerSeen in Create A LIABOX and 'For Her', 'Botanical', 'So Fresh, So Clean' 
Be wise, sanitize! Handy to keep at their work desk, sanitising is the new normal. Browse our variety of neutral or fun scents. 

CandleSeen in Create A LIABOX and selected Pre Made Gift Boxes
Great for setting an ambience and a touch of calm whether their in the zone or feeling stressed. Opt for scents like Cinnamon or Rosemary which are proven to stimulate cognitive senses and boost memory. Did you also know citrus scents were linked to higher work efficiency, jasmine with reduced anxiety, and vanilla for a mood booster? 

Forest Friendly TeaSeen in 'A Little Luxury'
Give them their daily dose of dopamine and feeling good with these Forest Friendly Tea's by Monsoon Tea. Ideal for work breaks, and a de-stressing pick me up. 

Dark Chocolate Coffee Espresso BeansSeen in Create A LIABOX and Easy Like Sunday
You may have heard the many health benefits of dark chocolate such as improved brain function and blood flow, which makes a great WFH snack when they're tied to their desk for a boost of energy and alertness. A thoughtful addition to a gift box for home entrepreneurs or anyone working from home! 

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