We’re excited to welcome our newest small business available to gift with LIABOX, Cafe Caps! 

Cafe Caps is the first and only company in Thailand to introduce compostable capsules, that are 100% eco friendly. Made from wood bark and other plant fibres, the capsules and lid will completely compost in around 18 weeks in a garden composter or 28 weeks outside. 

Compatible with every Nespresso Machine, Cafe Caps are 100% freshly roasted in Bangkok and carefully sourced through great relationships with local partnered farmers. 

Bringing you premium coffee, with no more harm to the environment! 

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Products available: 
Nespresso Compatible Cremoso (Pack of 10) - A balanced blend of beans from Doi Tung & Doi Chang in the north of Thailand. The combination of these 2 outstanding Arabica delivers an amazing flavor characterised by roasted caramelised notes.

Nespresso Compatible Doi Chang (Pack of 10) - A perfect balanced coffee using 100% Pure Arabica DOI CHANG bean characterized by an intense aroma with rich and velvety taste.

Nespresso Compatible Intenso (Pack of 10) - Made from a selection of 100% pure Arabica from northern of Thailand. The coffee has bold characters and well- concentrated, sweet, rich and bright flavours.

Nespresso Compatible Organic (Pack of 10) - 100% certified organic Arabica planted under the shade in highland forest of Chiang Rai province.
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