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When it comes to gift giving, there’s nothing better than feeling confident about what you’ve thoughtfully chosen for someone special, and seeing their face light up as they open your gift. Except, there is something better! Knowing that the gift you’ve selected supports multiple small local businesses lets you gift twice the joy - from the hard working owners & team behind the brands, the jobs created for local communities, the care for our planet through sustainable practices, raising awareness to support important causes & so much more. 

Other than direct donations or volunteer work that do help greatly worldwide, another way you can get involved and do your part is to support businesses that give back. During these unprecedented times, giving back to those in need however small has never felt more necessary. 

As proud advocates of supporting local and partners to 60+ local small businesses, here we highlight our top picks of ‘Products That Give Back’ so you can feel good about what you gift, while learning about some great businesses in your area that have a social and environmental conscience. 

Beeswax Wraps // Superbee
With a mission to offer a more sustainable lifestyle and elimination of single use plastic, Superbee is a brand that goes above and beyond when it comes to giving back to our community. With a dedicated team of local staff, and deemed ‘the heart and soul’ of the business, Superbee encourages female empowerment and is made up of mostly women from local villages. Many have remained with the company since it’s early days, or progressed to leadership training and now in management roles. 

Profits and products are shared in support to local and global projects, that promote love & kindness to our planet and its people. Some foundations included are Clean Ocean Project, NGO supporting Burmese Refugee Children, Fight Hunger Foundation, Panyaden Flooding Donation and more. Superbee continue to partner with like-minded people & ethical businesses who care about the future of our children and our planet. 
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Chocolate Covered Hazelnuts & Almonds // Siamaya Chocolate
Want to feel good about eating chocolate? Local craft chocolatiers Siamaya work with local organisations and are directly connected with a number of schools in Chiang Mai, having groups of students visit to learn about the business model behind running a company and how to make craft chocolate. They also collaborate with ‘Zoe’ - an organization that brings street children out of poverty and gives them opportunities for a better future. On top of this, Siamaya are environmentally conscious in limiting their carbon footprint on our planet, by using recyclable packaging. 
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Banoffee Dreams Artisan Jam, Never Ending Summer Organic Herb Salt // Wild Nature Artisan
Aside from their clear commitment to sustainable farming and prioritising local growers, Wild Nature Artisan also contribute towards a unique mission - birds and avians in the ecosystem. Working closely with Lanna Bird Club (LBNC), Bird Conservation Society Thailand (BCST) and Lanna Wild Bird Rescue, the aim is to raise awareness for conservation and a cause close to their heart, after habitats of rare Lanna species are threatened from deforestation, pollution and poaching. These organisations contribute efforts through rescue, care, rehabilitation, with the goal of release, as well as educational resources to the Lanna youth on the importance of avians in the ecosystem. Friendly advice to local neighbours and aid of fallen baby birds & injured wild birds are also provided. 
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Forest Friendly Tea // Monsoon Tea
Forest Friendly 'Monsoon Tea' is grown in harmony with the Northern Thailand forests, to preserve biodiversity and help reduce the effects of global carbon footprint. They educate and encourage tea farmers to initiate restoration efforts, to create a better world for future generations and farmers to come. Their contribution to community doesn't stop at environmental awareness, Monsoon Tea also provide training, education and a stable income for local farmers as well as get involved in supporting important causes such as the LGBTQIA+ community through their products. 
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Garlic Aromatic Oil & Black Pepper Aromatic Oil // Bo.lan Grocer
With the popular Bo.lan restaurant closing in 2020, founders Dylan and Bo recently opened 3 new concepts in its place: Bolan Grocer, Err and an exclusive chef’s table. Upon noticing that Michelin recognition was not structured in a way that supported the local industry, Bo.lan chose to pursue paths that contributed towards supporting local communities, ensuring Thailand’s F&B’s industry could survive on domestic travel alone. 

Not only do they commit to a zero-carbon footprint lifestyle, Bo.lan have always been vocal and active about education and environment from the beginning. Their latest venture the ‘Bo.lan Educational Program’ aims to be both a physical and virtual school for everyone interested in how food and the environment intersect, through online content, workshops and classes. 
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Daily Planner // My Breath Project 
THB 10 of every Daily Planner purchase is donated to the Foundation For The Blind in Thailand. A wellness community aimed at raising awareness and improving self care, MBP also hold regular events with their latest 'One Day Weekend Retreat' at U Sathon Bangkok, where proceeds were donated to the Department of Mental Health Suan Prung Psychiatric Hospital in Chiang Mai. 
Stay updated with MBP to be informed of more wellness events to come, that support local communities and causes!
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Kampot Red Peppercorns, Fig & Orange Jam // Vivin Grocery
Founder Nicolas and business partner & wife Samantha took matters into their own hands as Covid19 took a toll on restaurants & small businesses in the countries capital. Turning their delivery truck into a refrigerated ‘mobile grocery’ on wheels, a Vivin Grocery food truck visited locations each weekend to provide communities with local healthy, organic and natural groceries. After the 4 weeks of trading, it became so popular that it is now a regular weekly event! 
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