PRE ORDER // DIWALI GIFT BOX (Limited Edition)

Celebrating Light, Love and Gifts with LIABOX!

We've put together a limited edition gift box, dedicated to the celebration of Diwali this 2021 (November 4th). 

Thoughtfully curated to present a meaningful offering to loved ones, what better way to send a unique gift that champions a combination of local Indian owned businesses, mixed with products from local small businesses that represent this special occasion!

Chilli Infused Olive Oil // Founder Manisha recommends pairing their chilli infused oil with popular Diwali dishes like paneer tikka, tandoori chicken, dhokla, or drizzled on top of daal or on pav bhaji. “The flavour of our oil will give a twist to traditional Indian food, and make it taste like fusion food!”  - Manisha

Banoffee Dreams Artisan Jam // Because it’s Diwali, we couldn’t resist including this Banana, Caramel & Masala Chai sweet treat. When locally grown organic bananas are mixed with caramel and the spices of India, magic happens! A popular accompaniment with traditional desserts or your favourite mithai's, and wherever your imagination takes you. 

'Chok Dee' Candle // In tribute to the festival of light and ritual of lighting candles, this ‘Chok Dee’ candle, meaning 'Good Luck' in Thai, welcomes positive energy (and a refreshing Orange & Rosemary aroma) into the home, along with best wishes for a prosperous year ahead. 

Darachips // To balance out the sweet, a delicious savoury paprika snack (our new favourite addiction)! These vacuum fried pumpkin and banana chips are not only good for you (no preservatives, lower oil content) but good for the community with ongoing non-profit projects and 10% of revenue going to a variety of organisations, ranging from child abandonment to drug addict rehabilitation programs. 

Ayuverda Herbal Tea // Wind down Diwali celebrations with this relaxing Ayurveda herbal infusion. Balance the three Doshas - Vatta, Pitta and Kapha, resulting in physical and emotional wellbeing, ready for the new prosperous year ahead. With this pack of 6 tea bags, it's perfect to share around!
x2 Vatta Dosha (Bitter Melon, Cinnamon, Lavender)
x2 Pitta Dosha (Pandan, Butterfly Pea, Peppermint, Clove)
x2 Kapha Dosha (Ginger, Lemongrass, Moringa) 

Diwali Greeting Card // Include your personal message for them on this special occasion, handwritten by us! 

THB 2200 (includes delivery)
Payment Accepted: Bank Transfer, Paypal, Credit Card

    Looking to send internationally? We understand this Diwali you may want to stay connected with important relationships overseas. Whilst we do not officially ship internationally, we are happy to see what we can do should you like to send a Diwali gift box abroad! 
    **please note, international deliveries can take 2+ weeks to be delivered depending on location 

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