New In Gift Box // Mediterranean Nights

No travel? No problem.
Drawing inspiration from cool, summer mediterranean evenings, our newest gift box was curated to bring the experience straight into the receivers home. With gifts for them to eat, use and keep, Mediterranean Nights is a thoughtful gift for those that dream of a European summer getaway. 

We’re excited to introduce a couple of new local brands to the LIABOX family, led by owners with passion and a story behind their creations. 

Scarletta BK // Gigli Artisan Dry Pasta - Newly launched by @sloane founder Joe Sloane, Scarletta BK pastas are made using imported Italian durum wheat semolina and free-range eggs from local pasture-raised hens. The unique bell-like flower shape of the Gigli’ pasta, translated in Italian meaning Lilies, is sure to bring a unique experience for pasta lovers, and is intended to be served with a thick sauce or in a casserole.

Meticulous Bangkok // Infused Olive Oil - Designed to wake up your taste buds, tried and tested we can verify this is exactly what Meticulous’ Infused Olive Oil does! Using extra virgin olive oil (the highest grade of olive oils), combined with herbs and chilli spices, this exciting accompiament is perfect for salad dressings, drizzled on top of avocado toast or pasta dishes - just head to their Instagram page for more food pairing inspo. 

Wild Nature Artisan // ‘Never Ending Summer’ Organic Herb Salt - Fresh and packed with flavour, Never Ending Summer brings the taste of Mediterranean summer sun into your home year round. The lively and fresh citrus-mint profile brings tons of flavour to any dish. The refreshing taste of dill, garlic, mint leaves and lime zest pairs well with fresh seafood, yoghurt, fresh cheeses, potato or pasta salad & vinaigrette dressing to name a few. 

Chiang Mai Cotton // 100% Cotton Tea Towel - Made of natural dyed 100% cotton, dyed and hand woven by local skilled craftsmen. This multi-purpose tea towel is a staple in the kitchen, with a classic mediterranean stripe pattern. Use as a hand towel, tea towel, or bread wrapper in a basket for an outdoor picnics. Choose from 2 colour combinations, Yellow/Grey or Pink/Green. 

Superbee // Beeswax Wrap - A recurring product in our gift boxes, these beeswax wraps brighten up the fridge as well as a useful, environmentally friendly alternative to foil and clingfilm.
Choose from 3 new exciting patterns: Brown Tower, Golden and Meadow. 

+ greeting card of your choice
Shipped nation wide in 1-2 days

Head to the latest post on our Instagram Page for a GIVEAWAY and a chance to win Mediterranean Nights for yourself, or to send to a friend!

Surprise them for their next special occasion, with our Mediterranean Nights LIABOX on their doorstep. 


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