Introducing the 'Go Green' LIABOX

Introducing Go Green - a thoughtfully curated gift and contribution towards someones zero waste journey, with a feel good, do good concept. For that reason, LIABOX has partnered with Click A Tree’s ‘Trees for Tuskers’ program, which means with every Go Green gift box sent, a tree is planted in Thailand to help maintain habitats for our Elephants (with deforestation being the leading cause of extinction).

Stay Tuned To Learn More About Click A Tree's 'Trees For Tuskers' program
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Ecollective // Eco Tumbler - A chic yet functional replacement for plastic, these Eco Bottles are also great for travel. Even if they already have a reusable bottle, you can never have too many styles to choose from. 
Choose from: Green, Black, Ivory

Kad Kokoa // SuperBar Chocolate - This SuperBar is a healthy-boost snack to bring anywhere. It is made of 58% dark chocolate and sprinkled with seeds, nuts and dried fruits to give energy, proteins and vitamins in every bite. It's also plant based & vegan friendly! 

AimeeEemia // Greeting Card Set of 4 - Encouraging them to keep in touch with important relationships around the world, this is the perfect set of bright and fun greeting cards, with a taste of Thailand! Choose from Fruits, Plants or Vegetables designed by the talented Aimee, based in Chiang Mai. 
Choose from: Fruits, Plants, Vegetables

Siam Botanicals // Essential Oil Body Roll On -  Pocket sized wellness for their convenience, and a popular choice among our shoppers. These roll on oils help contribute to multiple health benefits, as well as keeping them grounded and connected to Mother Nature in order to find balance mentally, spiritually, and energetically. 
Choose from: Meditation, Rejuvenating, Soothing, Night Time

Meditation blend: A deeply relaxing blend of lavender, rosemary and bergamot, essentials oils known for their re balancing, uplifting and calming properties.
Rejuvenating blend: Kickstart your senses and revitalise your skin with this invigorating blend of lemongrass, rosemary and peppermint. 
Night Time blend: Relax & Unwind with this calming blend of lavender, bergamot & ylang yang. 
Soothing blend: Skin soothing and calming blend with therapeutic oils of tea tree, plai root and eucalyptus. 

+ Greeting Card of your choice, with your personal message (handwritten by us)

THB 2400 (includes delivery)

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