Designed to avoid hair creases and prevent breakage, our newest in product when you Create A LIABOX are these gorgeous 22Momme Mulberry Silk hair ties and scrunchies by local small business, Adara Silk. 

Using the highest grade (6A) Mulberry Silk with special techniques that make it extra smooth and softer than normal mulberry silk, these scrunchies are gentle on the hair, recommended by dermatologists and are the beauty secret of many celebrity hairstylists. 

Behind The Brand

Adara Silk was founded by Wao, after struggling with her own personal health problems 2 years ago. Diagnosed with autoimmune disease and postpartum, Wao found herself experiencing skin and hair issues for some time. Both were becoming thinner and drier with hair fall out, despite regular moisturising and care, which lead to her discovery of mulberry silk and its great benefits. After trying out a silk pillow case, her hair started to fall out less and Wao was surprised with the results and improvement of hair moisture in the mornings. With the aim of educating and inspiring others to take care of their skin and hair, or those going through the same problem, Adara Silk was born! 

The perfect little self care addition, add a silk srunchie or set of 2 hair ties in your next gift box for her:
THB 340 Silk Scrunchie - Available in Blush, Noir, Sepia
THB 340 Silk Hair Ties (Pack of 2) - Includes x1 Blush and x1 Sepia

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