Mental Health Awareness Month 2022

With May being the Month of Mental Health Awareness, we wanted to shine a light and play our part in raising awareness, and opening discussions to mental illnesses and their impact on individuals, families, and society in general.

The theme of Mental Health Awareness Month 2022 is “Together for Mental Health,” (Source. NAMI). The idea behind the theme is to encourage people to combine their voices to advocate for mental health care, and access to mental health services. One of the best ways to recognise this awareness month is by talking about it with your peers - The more you talk about it, the more normalised it will become!

Read our 2021 Mental Health Awareness Blog Post where you’ll find:

  • Q&A with 3 local professionals in the mental health industry; Stephanie - a registered Therapist from Healthy Minds Phuket (based in Phuket & Bangkok), Debora - Clinical Psychologist at Headstart International School, and Sanju - creator of Mental Health App, Sati.
  • Where to seek help in Thailand
  • Educational links (for a range of ages)
  • Inspirational Mental Health Advocate accounts on Social Media to follow

Read Here 

***Sharing is caring - Please share this post to help others, you never know who might need it. If you have any useful local or international resources you would like to share, please get in touch so we can add it to our list for others***

If you’re thinking of reaching out to someone that may be in a difficult place, we’ve listed 5 gift selection tips to help you out:

Colour is a powerful communication tool and can be used to influence mood. Yellow - comparable with the sun, which is the ultimate source of positive energy and radiates cheerfulness. Orange can inspire optimism, or green for freshness and rejuvenation. Select items by their favourite colour, or a mix of bright & fun colours to lift their spirits. 

From the soothing effects of candles, to the calming scent of lavender, science backs products like candles, epsom bath salts, journalling and lavender scents from mood boosting to de-stressing. Consider one of our best selling lavender inspired pamper gift boxes, Rest & Relax.

When going through difficult periods, it’s not uncommon for people to de-prioritize nutrition or even skip meals all together. Browse our healthy snacks like vacuum fried pumpkin & banana chips or strawberry chocolate covered almonds to add a bit of energy and sweetness into their day. 

When you Create A LIABOX, you personally pick out items to put in their gift box. You know them best, whether it’s items you think they’ll appreciate & make good use of, or something to pamper them during a time of need. Anything you do to show love and sympathy will be appreciated. 

In situations of extreme stress or sadness, it’s often the simple things that bring the most comfort, like a handwritten note!

**Budget Gifting Tip** Sending sympathy gifts as a group also works well! For example, multiple coworkers can pitch in for a group gift and sign the same card. 

Remember - it’s the intention of the gift and gesture that speaks volumes, and the personal touches that show you care enough to create something special. 

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