Lessons Our Mothers Taught Us

Some of us celebrate Mothers day in March, May or other months of the year. Here in Thailand it is celebrated in August, to commemorate the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, who is also regarded as the mother of the nation and all Thai people. 

Ahead of this years Mothers Day (August 12th) LIABOX reached out to some of our partnered brands, customers and supporters of our LIABOX community, to come together in tribute towards celebrating mothers! Reflecting on ‘Lessons Our Mothers Taught Us’ the answers we received touched us, and were a reminder of just how impactful being a mother is and how much they teach us, whether it’s intentional or just by being themselves. 

An early Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there; the soon-to-be mothers, new mothers, mother-figures and long time mothers. Thank you for all that you are, and all that you do! 
**And sending love to the women this may be a difficult day for, you are thought of and not forgotten 

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“Mum is your first friend, your best friend, and your forever friend” This was on the Mother’s Day card I got my mum this year, and it really represents the relationship I have with my mother from childhood to today. A woman that is strong and fierce, yet sensitive and caring, I admire in so many ways and am grateful for, for her unconditional love & support, and raising me to be who I am today. Some lessons learned that stand out are to always give your best whatever you do, to never forget or lower your worth, the importance of family & traditions, and always have nice nails! - Jennifer, Founder of LIABOX

The most important lesson my mother taught me is that there are no limitations to what you can do. She is a living example of what a strong woman means, and seeing her undying dedication, resilience and hard work in her pursuits and career inspires me to continually aim far and challenge societal norms. I am thankful to be able to honor her during this Mother's Day. Loving you, Mae Ja. - Vari, LIABOX Community @varihungry

My mother taught me what unconditional love is. - Nadia, LIABOX Community @bypersimmon 

Be proud of what you do, and do it best!, This is the words that my mum always encourage me. My mum is so diligent, smart and fast learning person. She always taught me that success doesn’t always come easy. There are no straight roads to achieve your goals, You just believe in what you do, be proud of what you do, believe in your own capabilities, and success wouldn’t be too far ahead, stand behind it!. And yeah, I am so grateful what I’m doing now, and this is what I learned through her actions. She is also one of my inspiration that I start “My Breath Project”, she showed me a good self-care habits and those habits are inspired me a lot. - Rinee, Partnered Brand - My Breath Project @mybreathproject

I was lucky enough to learn from 2 moms: my mother and my grandmother. They are both strong, resilient, and compassionate ladies who have taught me to hold the same virtues in my life. I value their love, in quite different forms, and their patience with me while I worked on my own identity. Most of all, I learned that everybody has a story and everyday is a gift.
- Jojo, LIABOX Community @pjbeautyandbrows 

I have learnt so much from my mum which makes it even harder to choose one of the most valuable.  My mum who has spent her entire life being an incredible business women, mother and support system for those around her didn’t have an easy journey moving to the UK 30 years ago; having a baby out of wedlock and trying to navigate a new country with little support and very basic English.  She has experienced being bullied, threatened and conned both for being a female and a female businesswoman, all of which did not deter her from opening 13 Thai restaurants, a beauty salon and 2 resorts (in Thailand). And her one piece of advice for all those haters, rise above it all and just be kind. She is kind to everyone she meets, a simple human trait which seems to be very rare these days. - Christina, LIABOX Community @christinasantichatsak

I guess the most valuable lesson I've learned from my mum is to respect your craft and honor the people who give you the opportunities along the way. I grew up in a very creative family and my parents' jobs can seem very glamorous to some people but i beg to differ. My hard working mother loves to work and not because she has to but because it fills her in a way that nothing else can. I witness her being the first on set and the last to leave day after day. As she transformed into characters i don't know, I remember stories she told about her acting teachers and how important it is to never forget your roots. I envy her fire sometimes but that's the work ethic I strive for.
Bom, LIABOX Community @ms_plengpanich

My mum taught me to be positive and have a grateful heart. To look past the gloominess and negativity. Always tell the truth, even if you think it will make the person sad. This has always stuck with me, and now that I have my own daughters I do try to install this in them too. Mums teach us the value of sensitivity, understanding, and how to care for someone other than ourself. - Natalie, LIABOX Community @Natalie.kanchanawat

When I was little, my mum made sure I moisturized my skin every single day. She also made me smile at the bathroom mirror until I saw sparkles in my eyes. As I grew up, I was able to put meaning to those two things. 1. In the rat race of life she highlights the importance of taking time out to prioritize self-care. 2. She showed me that you glow differently when you’re genuinely happy (and to pause, acknowledge and embrace that emotion).
My favorite memory growing up was how creative my mum got with shower times – she turned on music, gave me an umbrella and a watermelon slice to munch on. She showed me that with a tiny bit of creativity, the ordinary could be extraordinary. I am the founder of Meticulous Bangkok, but I am also a full-time primary teacher and thanks to my mum I have mastered the art of making mundane tasks fun. Happy Mother's Day! 
- Manisha, LIABOX Partnered Brand @meticulous_bangkok

My immigrant Thai mother is very passionate about anything related to Thai arts and culture. Growing up in California and being half Caucasian, my mom would bring my sisters and I to the Thai temple on weekends to learn the language along with Thai traditional music and dance. I have been immersed in a surrounding full of Thai culture and overtime I realized that bits and pieces I’ve grown up seeing and hearing from my mom have influenced me significantly. They have instilled an increasing interest and appreciation that inspired me to leave California and move to Thailand for 13 years. The cultural experiences I gained during this thirteen-year journey have further strengthened my sense of identity and given me a better understanding of my roots and my mother’s traditions and values. 
- Tiffany, LIABOX Community @tiffanyscookies.th

My mom taught me how to ride a bicycle. It was horrible. It felt like forever before I could ride a bicycle; but I can ride one. In that forever, she taught me a lesson that changed me fundamentally. She taught me the importance of never giving up. To try again and again, every day, despite the falls or the terrible bicycle. And for that, I’m forever grateful. - Shaan, LIABOX Community @shaanichu

 A big thank you to the lovely ladies that contributed to our Mothers Day blog post! 

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