One year ago, LIABOX sold its first gift box - Indulge! Any owner of a small business can vouch for the excitement of your first sale, and we still get excited to this current day! Seeing which products you’ve chosen and the special occasion or reason behind your gifting,

the very nature of our business is helping you maintain your personal and professional relationships 

whilst supporting hardworking & talented, local creatives here in Thailand. 

As a bootstrapped, self taught business - photography, website building & coding, marketing, budgeting and much more, we understand the efforts, patience and hard work that goes into a small business. That said, we are so proud to be supporting and connecting our customers to over 60 small local businesses, with many more to come!

Through milestones of launching our Corporate Gifting Platform, to days spent hand-packing hundreds of Christmas gifts, one thing’s for sure is that

we’re just getting started with what LIABOX can offer when it comes to gifting! 


In the meantime, we want to say THANK YOU and ENJOY 15% OFF EVERYTHING for 2 days only (automatically applies at checkout) to celebrate our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY

If you know someone else celebrating their business anniversary or achievement - let them know how proud you are! 

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