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What is Earth Day // Earth Day is a day aimed at raising awareness about climate change, global warming and environmental protection; ranging from air, water, earth affecting agriculture, animal, plant and human environments, and aquatic ecosystems. It’s important to conserve our earth due to large (and sometimes irreversible) damages done by humans, resulting in diminished biodiversity, climate change, water pollution, and landscapes destroyed. It also celebrates achievements developed by scientists, inventors and innovators to combat these problems. 

Whilst the importance of Earth Day and the awareness it brings around the world is a great global motivator, our education and actions must be put to use regularly in order to implement change. 

It's important to remember that everyone’s sustainability journey is different and moving at their own pace. Lead by example, join other like-minded individuals and stick to your values. 

"There is power in numbers and there is power in unity." —Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Educate // If you, like us, want to lead a more sustainable lifestyle and have regular, friendly yet informative reminders, here are some of our favourite social media accounts to follow and documentaries / movies for inspiration. 

@earthdaynetwork // @everydayclimatechange // @zerowastehome // @sustainablyvegan // @timsilverwood of @oceanimpactorg and @take3forthesea // @unep // @zerowastethailand // @greenqueenhk // @seaspiracy // @ourplanetweek // @feedtheplanet

Watch & Learn // The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind // Down To Earth with Zac Efron // Human Planet // Seaspiracy // Planet Earth // The Blue Planet // Our Planet // A Plastic Ocean // Cowspiracy // Chasing Coral

What Does Earth Day Mean To You?

We asked some of our Eco Conscious brands - what does Earth Day mean to you? Here are their responses.

Superbee - It's a day when we can be grateful for what the Earth provides us with - food, water, shade and a lovely playground to swim and climb. We ask the Earth for forgiveness for all the negative impact we have had on it and try to inspire people to reflect on the consequences of their actions on Mother Earth.  We believe that every day should be Earth Day and try to act that way.  We hope you do too! // @superbeewaxwraps 

Common Ground (Organics Buddy)Earth is part of us and we are part of Earth. Our wellbeing coincides with that of the Earth and therefore it is crucial that we take care of it. At Common Ground we believe everything starts from having a good environment. We make our decisions based on environmental considerations and do our best to minimize our impacts. // @commonground.home 

Siam Botanicals - Earth Day allows us to take time to recognize the effects our behaviours are having on the environment. Since Siam Botanicals was founded in 2011 this has been at the front of our minds and one of our main thoughts in everything we do. 

We are committed to responsible sourcing only the finest natural ingredients and we make a conscious effort to keep our packaging simple to minimize our impact on the planet. We create skin care products that are good for you and good for the planet, and have taken this one step further by opening our multiple refillery locations. Making a committed effort to reducing our environmental footprint is something we can all do, not only on Earth Day, but every day. // @siam.botanicals

Monsoon Tea - Earth day is a very important day to us here at Monsoon Tea as it highlights and emphasizes the beauty of life on this planet as well as the biggest threats we have to overcome to protect it. 

We work with Forest Friendly tea and see it as our mission to create a product that is as sustainable as possible to prevent deforestation and preserve biodiversity in Northern Thailand. 

While Earth Day is very important to spread awareness of the problems we face and the solutions we have to a much broader public, we at Monsoon Tea don’t act too different from how we would on any other day of the year, as it is deeply rooted in this company to care and look out for our planet, and we applaud everyone who is on the same path as us! 

We will however of course have something special planned for the customers who visit our shops and support us online! // @monsoontea

Chabatree - Reduce, Reuse, Restore. For us, not only for one day, we love to do it every day! // @chabatree

Kad Kokoa - We are deeply concerned about the impact of our lifestyle on our environment both for the environment itself and the products we get from it. Most people think that saving the environment is about going to the office on a bicycle or using less water in the shower, but all these little savings are nothing compared to pollution created by agriculture and industry. Artisanal products are a bit more expensive, have shorter shelf life, and sometimes seasonal, but at the end they're much more nutritious, healthier, and the money you put in these products goes into direct craftsmanship, not into logistics facilities. Even better if the products you get are part of active association projects for a more responsible agriculture, like the ones against smog in the North of Thailand. If you feel powerless in front of this imminent emergency, which is understandable, the most efficient way to help is to support your local associations who already are on the field, or social enterprises such as ours at Kad Kokoa, also fighting for sustainability through our products. // @kadkokoa_chocolate

Siamaya - At Siamaya, we’re dedicated to making the changes to the world that we can from our small corner. So for us Earth Day serves as a reminder, that at the end of the day we have to leave this planet better than when we came here. This means cutting down on waste, on plastic, using recycled packaging, and also treating our staff as equals - as well as demanding the same from everyone we work with. Our values are incorporated into every decision we make in the company - and we will never make decisions such as using cheaper materials to save cost, if this means we will have to sacrifice the quality and sustainability of our products. // @siamaya_chocolate

Cosmos & Harmony - We believe that world peace can be achieved by encouraging people to share, express and accept differences among themselves so that everyone can live life to its fullest together harmoniously and sustainably. Cosmos & Harmony started from our curiosity about the wonderfulness of nature. We like to share what we've learned through your everyday life products. These little things might help your life balance and might be a way to connect you to our world. // @cosmosandharmony 



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