2022: New Year Gifts That Inspire & Motivate

Help make 2022 their best year yet!

Welcoming a New Year filled with new goals and challenges ahead - we’ve picked a few favourite products that inspire and motivate, so you can help them on track to making a good start to 2022!

Whether you're thanking someone for their hard work and efforts over the previous year, or sending good luck and good vibes for the year ahead, these products are LIABOX-approved to help you send gifts with confidence. 

Getting organised can be a love / hate relationship, especially when it comes to starting a new year with new promises.  These A6 Notebooks are travel size friendly, and useful for weekly goals, daily affirmations, bucket lists or creative doodles. 
SEEN IN: ‘For Her’ ‘The Gentleman’ (Available in Black, Brown, Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold)

Holiday celebrations can come at a cost to our health both physically and mentally. Introducing herbal teas into your daily routine helps us to regain balance, and press the reset button for a productive first month of the year. 
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Getting a good nights sleep provides a number of benefits from boosting our immune system, strengthening our heart, increasing productivity and improvement of overall mood to name a few. Help contribute to their sleep quality with this sleep inducing blend of lavender and chamomile pillow spray. 
Seen In: ‘Rest & Relax’

Too many New Years resolutions include shedding extra weight gained over the festive period. Darachips provide a healthy alternative (with zero sacrifice to taste) with their vacuum fried banana & pumpkin chips - a must have for snack-addicts! **(No MSG, No Preservatives)

They say that writing gives you power to 'know' what you're thinking or feeling. Using a Daily Planner helps to organise your life easily for optimum performance through time management, productivity, managing stress levels, as well as mental and health benefits. Includes daily goals, to do list, affirmations, gratitude list, meal & exercise plan. 
Seen In: Create A LIABOX

You can’t go wrong when it comes to gifting a rejuvenating face or eye mask. Simple and effective, why not start Creating A LIABOX and gift them a mini pamper experience? 
Seen In: Create A LIABOX

Coffee is a must, but we need to rethink our favourite daily habit when it comes at a cost to the environment. Cafe Caps provide compostable coffee pods fit for any Nespresso machine - do good, feel good is a great way to start the year and contribute to a greener lifestyle. 
Seen In: Create A LIABOX

These handy, reusable bags are perfect for shopping, groceries or even trips to the beach. Foldable and lightweight to carry at their convenience, and a fun way to help contribute reduction of single use plastic bags. 
Seen In: ‘Botanical’ ‘So Fresh, So Clean’ ‘For Her’

One for the hustlers! Women with a mission, girls with goals, our ‘For Her’ gift box was curated for those on the go. A thoughtful gift for any hardworking individual you know, with practical products they'll actually use for a productive year. 
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