Gifts Fit For A Foodie

Whether it’s to celebrate a special milestone or sending a care package at a time of need, a meaningful gift box filled with something they love (food) is sure to send the right message every time. 

Run by passionate small business owners, not only will you introduce your foodie lover to unique brands and flavours, but you’ll be supporting local and giving back to the community we love and are a part of. 

A thoughtful present for anyone that enjoys home cooking or with a passion for food, here we highlight our favourite gifts fit for any food lover. 

Kampot Red Peppercorns by Vivin Grocery - A taste combining the flavour and heat of the black peppercorn, with a fruity palate.

Cooking Tip: Crush the peppercorns and use to marinate shellfish (eg. Lobster, Shrimp), then sautée in citrus (eg. Oranges, Lemon) along with ginger. *chefs kiss*
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Sweet Fennel Rub by Sloanes - A delicious gourmet herb rub ideal for BBQ’s, or to simply elevate and excite any chicken or pork dish. The Sweet Fennel flavour is also a great option for those that don’t want too much heat & spice, with its combination of fennel, paprika, garlic, brown sugar, salt, oregano, coriander, cumin and pepper. 

How To Use: Pat the raw meat dry, you want to make sure as much moisture is removed from the meat surface before cooking. Add a bit of olive oil and cover the meat surface. Sprinkle the Sweet Fennel Rub onto the meat. Using your hands, rub the mixture around covering all surfaces. The longer you leave the rub to rest, the better the result and flavours, and even a delicious crispy crust. 
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Never Ending Summer Organic Herb Salt by Wild Nature Artisan - Missed your mediterranean summer trip this year? This organic herb salt will transport you to those European coastal evenings, with its refreshing dill, garlic, mint leaves, and lime zest flavour.

Pairing Tip: Works great with fresh seafood, yogurt, fresh cheeses, vinaigrette dressing, vegetable dips, tzatziki, potato salad or pasta salad. 
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Infused Chilli Olive Oil by Meticulous Bangkok - New on the local food scene and not to be overlooked. This chilli infused olive oil is packed with a punch, offering endless combinations from pasta dishes and pizza crusts, to spicing up salads and soups. Need we say more? 
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Banoffee Dreams Artisan Jam by Wild Nature Artisan - Organic bananas, sweet caramel, chai masala, and butter, come together to produce a mouthwatering flavour. Pair with crème fraîche on top of good sourdough toast, pancakes, ice-cream.
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Honey Caramel Dip by Let It Bee Honey - Is your foodie a snacker with a sweet tooth? Then they’ll love this honey caramel dip - perfect for dipping apple slices or taking a late night dessert to the next level. 
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Aromatic Oil by Bo.lan - Ready to elevate any dish, these aromatic oils are flavourful and packaged beautifully, ready to be gifted. Locally produced by Thai Chef and restauranteur Bo (featured in Netflix series Chef’s Table), wow your foodie friend with either the garlic oil or pepper oil whilst supporting local farmers. 
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Dark Chocolate Cashew Nut Spread by Kad Kokoa - Local craft chocolate maker Kad Kokoa have hit the nail on the head with their version of 'healthy Nutella'. Plant based and without dairy, the cashew nuts help give this spread an irresistibly smooth texture. Spread onto toast, drizzled on top of fruit, layered into yoghurt & granola or eaten by the spoonful (no judgement here), enjoy the endless possibilities. 
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