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LIABOX makes it easy for your company to support social causes, whilst offering you a thoughtful way to recognise and reward your hardworking staff. 

Living in a digitally driven society, especially over the past couple of years through Covid19 and working-from-home set ups, many of us are largely disconnected from our coworkers and office morale. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, employees play a big role in the success of your business. Along with mental health struggles as a result of the pandemic, investing in your employees wellbeing (beyond health insurance) speaks of your concern and care for them. 

A well timed gift has the potential to drastically improve someone’s day, week, or even a lasting memory. A boost of positive energy reminds them of their team spirit, team support, and that they’re not alone, which in turn contributes to a happier workforce. These gestures can also positively influence an employees perspective of their employer, which can go a long way towards boosting morale. 

When giving employees a gift, you not only make them feel valued, but you also increase their likelihood of staying with your company longer. Studies have shown the affect of employee gifts in attracting and retaining staff, due to employees feeling seen, appreciated and more connected to the company & people.  

When employees feel seen, they feel motivated to meet or surpass their performance targets. When you have an admirable and inspiring boss or team standing with you, naturally we want to do our best to contribute to the business and their success in return. Efficiency and productivity are often dependent on how a group of employees work together, and this comes from strong interpersonal relationships and a network of support. 

Gifts That Give Back
From healthy snacks that help towards drug rehabilitation, to artisan jams that contribute to local animal conservation, custom curate meaningful gifts that represent your business values, filled with products by local creators with a story and passion behind their creations.

Contact us for more gift curation inspiration or for our full corporate gifting catalogue.

Corporate gifting tip: 
Consider thinking about the message you would like to send through your gifts, for example rewarding a hardworking team on a recent successful project through a combination of tasty & self care products: local craft chocolate to satisfy a sweet tooth, a self care item like a relaxing candle scent for their home, and perhaps a work related product like a notebook (you can even include their initials embossed for a further personal touch).

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