Earth Day 2022


Support those that support green!

Discover 6 local environmentally-conscious businesses we love and support, (and carry at LIABOX!) with sustainability at the core of what they do.

Based in Northern Thailand, Superbee's mission is to reduce and replace single use plastic, through offering a variety of quality & innovative eco friendly products. Employees are encouraged to live a greener lifestyle by providing them with the tools and information to reduce their plastic use. Superbee also partner with like-minded people who care about the future of our planet, and support others by sharing profits towards global projects that promote love & kindness to the planet and its people. 

Superbee Products at LIABOX: Beeswax Wrap found in 'Eco Kitchen' 'Mediterranean Nights' and 'Tropicana'

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Tea grown and harvested with a sustainable method, while protecting the forest. While mass produced tea worldwide results in deforestation and relies on fertilisers & pesticides, sustainable methods with Monsoon Tea source tea from completely wild tea plants, or planted tea - grown in harmony with forests. They hope to strengthen and spread the Forest Friendly Tea movement so that tea farmers all over the world can join the mission to protect forests, preserve biodiversity, tackle climate change and provide sustainable income for local communities.

Monsoon Tea Products at LIABOX: Herbal Tea Tin found in 'A Little Luxury'

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An honest brand of natural face care, skincare and personal care products, committed to responsible sourcing and working with local suppliers wherever possible. They also make a conscious effort to minimise their impact on the planet through simple packaging, and access to their zero-waste refillery which helps avoid wasteful single-use packaging. 

Siam Botanicals Products at LIABOX: Lemongrass & Orange Bath Oil found in 'Tropicana' and Essential Oil Roll On found in Create A LIABOX

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Chabatree produce decorative houseware and kitchenware, through sustainable processes to minimise damage to the environment. Each piece is carefully crafted to reflect the charm of nature on each piece for daily life use. They use eco-friendly and recyclable material as a main material, such as Thai plantation teak wood. Production processes are traditional, which means excluding additional chemicals. 

Chabatree Products at LIABOX: Wood Fruit Fork found in 'Eco Kitchen' and 'Honey Honey'

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Ecollective is a Thailand based store, offering a collection of eco-friendly products for everyday use. They aim to strengthen the environmental movement in Thailand, and encourage individuals to adopt more eco-friendly habits when it comes to our daily lifestyle. Even by making one change, you're working to building better habits that contribute towards a greener planet. 

Ecollective Products at LIABOX: Eco Net Bag found in 'Hello Helio'

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What started as a hobby, grew to a loving, caring small business that focus' on skincare products made from natural, local ingredients & processes - rainwater, cold pressed oils and homegrown herbs. These organic ingredients are grown sustainably, and as no chemicals are involved in the processes, the byproducts do not contaminate water supply - this means significantly less waste and toxins back into our environment. 

Srann Products at LIABOX: Rosewater Hydrosol Face Mist found in 'Glow Goals' Organic Lip Balm found in 'Hello Helio'

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