Corporate Gifting: for Soul Sync Discoveries

This company was looking for a custom gift set that had a 'Welcome to Thailand' theme, for an overseas group visiting Phuket.

From our Corporate Gifting Catalog, Silvia - founder of Soul Sync Discoveries, excitedly settled on choosing the below items:

Dried Mango Fruit Snack - A popular taste of Thailand
Elephant Ceramic Coaster - A keepsake to bring home and remind them of their visit to Thailand
'Siam Disc' Diffuser - Blend of Citrus & Jasmine, a classic Thai scent combination 
Red Rice Jasmine Botanical Soap - Using traditional cold-pressed methods, and a traditional Jasmine scent for the home 
Sheabutter & Lavender Hand Cream - Supporting a locally made small business to moisturise well traveled hands from all over the world

...topped with a pop of pink ribbon to match Soul Sync Discoveries branding and logo.

We love working with individuals that know the exact gifting vision they're looking for, and helping bring them to life - all whilst supporting local businesses that contribute back into our communities. 

Have a Corporate Gifting enquiry for your business? We want to hear about it! 

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