4 Reasons To Send A LIABOX Gift Box

While presents are commonly associated with birthdays or big holidays like Christmas, here we break down 4 perfect 'lesser known' reasons to send a LIABOX.

Tough Times - From heartbreak to injury, sickness to loss, trying to be there for someone by way of sympathy can result in them feeling overwhelmed, and simply wanting space. Saying ‘I’m here for you’ or ‘I’m thinking of you’ with a LIABOX is a great way of showing you care, whilst giving them the time and space they need to heal. 
LIABOX recommends: Rest & Relax, Glow Goals, Indulge

Milestones - Birthdays, Engagements, Pregnancies, Promotions, Graduations, Anniversaries...the list is endless unlike our gift creativity. These milestones and more (big or small) should certainly be celebrated in style and with meaning. With close friends and family spread across the country, busy with work or being in and out on vacation, our online user-friendly experience makes it easy for you to send a LIABOX to say congratulations in a personal, elevated style. 
LIABOX recommends: Honey Honey, New Baby, A Little Luxury

Gratitude - It’s often easy to say thank you, but following up with a meaningful gesture ensures the feeling and memory of your gratitude stays with your recipient. With our variety of quality yet functional products, your receiver is sure to think of you and feel grateful when using their specially selected gifts. Gratitude is everything and will always be well received!
LIABOX recommends: Home Comforts, Botanical, Easy Like Sunday

Just Because - Do we really need a reason to send an exciting gift box? Check out our themed Pre-Made LIABOXes to suit your special someone in mind. Gifts don't always have to be for someone else - if there's something you like the look of, treat yourself and experience your own unboxing #myLIABOX moment.
LIABOX recommends: Tropicana, Coffee Please, Hello Helio

If you’re feeling creative, check out our Create A LIABOX option to construct your very own gift box - there’s no right or wrong creation! 
**3-5 products are recommended for our gift box sizes

Need more inspiration? Browse our Pinterest inspiration boards here

If you have sent or received a LIABOX for any of the above reasons, we would love to hear about your story and how LIABOX helped contribute to your gifting experience! Drop us an email at hello@shopliabox.com

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